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As soon as the center is ready, it will be open for tours for companies, research institutes, educational institutions, and other organizations that are working on the innovation and practical application of carbon recycling. Inquiries and consultations regarding tours are welcome. Please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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Theme 1

Development of Efficient CO₂-Use Concrete

Develop technology to fix CO₂ to reinforced concrete used in cast-in-place concrete structures such as buildings.

Theme 2

Research of Selective Synthesis Technology of Chemical Products for Carbon Recycling

Develop catalysts and processes for efficient production of paraxylene, a raw material for PET bottles, etc. from CO₂.

Theme 3

Development of Gas-to-Lipids Bioprocess

Develop biorefinery technology using a two-step fermentation process to produce acetic acid from CO₂ and synthesize high-value-added lipids and chemical raw materials.

Theme 4

Establishing a Research Base and Developing Technologies that Lead to Increased CO₂ Utilization Rate for the Production of Microalgae-Derived SAF

Establish a base where technology verification can be conducted to improve basic technology for microalgae, leading to the industrialization of microalgae-derived SAF production.

Research Building
(6 Research Themes)

Research Building

Consists of 6 laboratories that are convenient for multiple companies and universities to conduct basic and advanced research efficiently and safely.

Common Use Building

Conference rooms, analysis rooms, and other facilities are available. Also we display information of the Facilities for visitors.


Consultations and inquiries regarding tours are welcome. Please contact us using the contact form below.

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virtual tour

This is a virtual tour that realistically recreates the space of our center using 3DCG. Not only can you experience the exterior of each facility, but also the equipment and what goes on during demonstration research inside, which you normally cannot see. Come and see the cutting edge of carbon recycling technologies.

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